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Become Your Own Boss!

Our reseller program enables you to buy and resell SMS credit to your own clients and charge your own prices for profit. No programming knowlege is required.

Your Own SMS Website is Ready!

Choose from a list of pre-designed website templates of your choice at no cost and start selling to your own clients for profit.

Create a reseller account. Resell your credit for profit.

Your Addons are Ready

We have set up additional applications and API integration tools for a convenient and seamless messaging by your clients

Free Excel Plugin for your Clients

It is easy to send personalised & non-personalised messages from an organised spreadsheet data

You have Microsoft Excel plugin instantly ready at your website to enable your clients send personalised and non-personalised messages directly from Microsoft Excel applications. The Excel plugin is version-independent and can be installed on all versions of Microsoft Excel.

API Tools for Your Dev. Clients

Simpliefied SMS integration in applications through our robust and unified API technology

We have readily available messaging SDKs in PHP, Java, C#, VB.NET, VBA for your clients with cross-platform support for Android, iOS, MacOS, Linux, and Windows. All our well structured API documentation are also available to your clients through your own SMS website for integration reference. Your clients can also send messages through a solid HTTP REST API.


Get Started

Get on-board the multitude of clients earning money through online messaging. Manage your own clients through automated system tasks without any programming knowledge.

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